Porn a Fantasy (aka a Craptastic Non-Reality)

Fantasy. That’s what porn is, a fantasy. Let’s be clear, porn isn’t real. Sex is real. Porn is like a horrible tv show, where all they do is have sex. While sex is a natural, beautiful thing (or so I hear), porn distorts that. Porn is product. It’s something people consume in our ever growing … Continue reading Porn a Fantasy (aka a Craptastic Non-Reality)

Porn Addiction – It’s Real

It’s NOPORNOVEMBER. So, let’s talk about porn. Many people believe that you can’t be addicted to pornography, but you can. That’s what we’re discussing today. (Sources can be found at the bottom of the post. Both articles came from Fight the New Drug. Next week’s post will be less science filled.) It has long been … Continue reading Porn Addiction – It’s Real


This week marks the start of WRAP Week and NOPORNVEMBER. I've only recently heard about these two events. Two different organizations sent me emails over the last few weeks concerning one or the other event. After hearing about them, I wanted to learn more and potentially participate. WRAP Week: White Ribbon Against Pornography Oct 30-Nov 6, … Continue reading WRAP Week and NOPORNOVEMBER