A Video for You

Hello my lovelies. I recorded a video and I’m sharing it with you. I know, it’s surprising, but I felt like doing it. The most surprising part is that even when I thought about doing it only little nags came to mind, but even those didn’t bother me much.

Before you get to video I must apologize for the fact that you are looking up my nose most of the time. I noticed that after recording, but then I couldn’t find a good angle using my tablet and I didn’t want to get up and find my camera. The main reason, however that I didn’t rerecord is that it wouldn’t be as authentic. I would have tried to recreate the parts I like and fix the small mistakes, but I don’t want perfect.

This is a place to be authentic and make mistakes and grow from them. Speaking more to that, this was one take, no practice run-throughs on anything, and I only trimmed 37 seconds (an intro that went confused). Also, no glasses on, so pardon my efforts to see what’s on my screen. Now enough with the written word, let’s get to the spoken stuff.



Yes, I know that is an unflattering thumbnail, but I don’t feel like finding a good one and all three options the tube of you suggested were horrible. Still, no regrets, only love.

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