WOW: Fully Known by God

Hello lovelies. I hope all is well. Today is my mom’s birthday and tomorrow is the birthday of one of my brothers. I love them both dearly and hope that they have a wonderful birthday.

Welcome to another Worship on Wednesday. When I was home with my mom there was a song that kept playing on the radio almost every time we got in the car. Not gonna lie, I do love the song. Right now, I’m just thinking about how there are several songs about God knowing us. And I think that’s what I want to talk about today. I was going to write about the specific song, but I think that I want to talk about something else.

“You Know My Name” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard and “Known” by Tauren Wells are just two of the songs out there that mention God knowing us. And don’t you think that’s amazing. I do. It’s amazing and scary. It terrifies me to think about how well God knows me. I mean, He knows me better than I know myself.

God knew us when before we were even born. Psalm 139:13 (NIV) says “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” He knows every detail about us, which you can see all over Psalm 139. Being known so truly can be scary. I remember listening to the song “Known” (I was obsessed with it for a bit) and hearing the chorus “I’m fully known and loved by you. You won’t let go no matter what I do. And it’s not one or the other, it’s had truth and ridiculous grace to be known, fully known and loved by You. I’m fully known and loved by You.” Those words hit me hard.

I can’t think of anyone among my friends and family who truly knows me. The thought of them knowing all my flaws and imperfections, the desires (good and bad) in my heart, and so much more is something I don’t want to experience. Honestly, I’m afraid I’d lose friends if they knew all there is to know about me. I’d be embarrassed and probably ashamed of some of the things they would find out. I like being able to pick and choose what the people close to me know, being in control of the situation, but you can’t do that with God. Instead, even if you try to push Him out of your life, you can’t. And it’s not in a creepy way. It’s a ‘He loves you and won’t leave you alone in your time of need’ kind of way.

Not only does He know things about us, but He is also part of our lives. As Tasha Cobbs Leonard sings, “Oh how You walks with me. Oh how You talks with me. Oh how You tell me I am Your own.” I mean, He’s a built-in best friend if only you let Him be. Somewhere else in the song it says “Oh how You comforts me. Oh how You counsel me. Yet it still amazes me that I am Your friend.”

It’s difficult when well-meaning people try to counsel you and comfort you but instead make things more tense. Thinking about God as a comforter, He wouldn’t tell me to words to placate me. He knows what I need to hear. He also knows what I want to hear. And He knows which one will benefit me more. He knows the truth about me that I want to hide, and yet He still walks with me. He walks beside me, not only in the good times but also in the bad times.

I am known by Him and so are you, known in a way unimaginable in our other relationships. I call Him Father and my Comforter among other names. Today, I worship Him by calling upon His many names. I worship Him by spending time in His Word and getting to know Him as He knows me. That is my worship today.

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