WOW: I Surrender

Hello beautiful. Welcome to Worship on Wednesday.

The last few weeks have been busy and exhausting. I was wrapping up things with my job and feeling the stress and pressure to be perfect, to do everything perfectly. I was being told that I needed to do the work on two people even though I am only one. I was told that I needed to fulfill all the obligations of my agency even though they we’re giving me the support they said they would.

On top of that, I decided that with the end of my agency’s contract with the jail I was going to resign from my agency and decline the offer to transfer to the agency taking over. My world felt unstable, yet I felt at peace…mostly. I was stressed about doing the best I could before my last day, but I was at peace about not having a job lined up.

Some assume that I must have a lot of money saved up. The truth is that my peace is solely from God. I know that he is the one with the plan. He is in control of the situation.

And all I can say in this situation is “I surrender.”

For the last two weeks I have had a song in my head and heart.


“I Surrender” by Hillsong

I just keep saying, or singing, the words over and over again. I’ve been through the whole song but there’s one part I is just on repeat.

I surrender
I surrender
I wanna know You more
I wanna know You more

I surrender
I surrender
I wanna know You more
I wanna know You more

Like a rushing wind
Jesus breathe within
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me

Like a mighty storm
Stir within my soul
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me

I’m giving it all to God. I’m letting Him be in control. He’d been telling me for a while that it was time to move on from where I was working. I heard Him but didn’t follow through. Now I’m listening to the man with the plan.

It would have been easy to stay where I was or to say yes to the first offer I got, but God doesn’t call us to just do what’s easy. He calls us to obey, to follow Him, to make disciples of all nations. I briefly wondered if I made the right choice because this is not what the logical part of me is saying I should do. But the peace I feel about everything happening now that I’m not gainfully employed tells me that everything will be alright.

“So here I am down on my knee again surrendering all…With arms stretched wide I know you hear my cry, speak to me now…I surrender.”

This is the song I’m singing today as I worship. Feel free to sing it with me or to worship in another way. Not only today should we worship, but everyday, making a joyful noise.

To all my lovelies, have a wonderful week filled with love and peace. May the Lord bless you and use you for the goodness of His kingdom.

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