WOW: What is Worship?

Hello Lovelies.

When I was in college, I attended a thing called “Worship on Wednesday” (aka WOW). I had already been at the school for a year or two before I first heard about it. Some of my friends were going, so I joined them. There was a worship song or two and a short message. After that was a meal. I’m pretty sure that’s why most people came. (Free food on a college campus, of course people showed up.)

At a church I used to regularly attend here in Colorado, we had a Wednesday night service called “The Well.” It was a time to dive deeper into the Word. It was a completely different message than on Sunday. The person leading the service was in seminary. It felt like a big group Bible Study. There were a couple of nights where the message was hearing people’s testimony. There was always a song or two to start the night off.

I’ve enjoyed the Wednesday services I’ve attended. It’s like a midweek boost.

Though these services exist, everyday should be covered in worship. While the phrase worship on Wednesday rolls off the tongue, because we love alliteration, there should also be worship on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and every other day of our lives.

I know that for most, when we think of worship, we conjure up images of people singing songs of praise and adoration. That is a part of worship, and I love that part. I honestly think music was my first love. But worship is more than a song.

So, let’s chat about a few things: 1) just because you sing God’s praise doesn’t mean you’re actually worshiping him, 2) what does it mean to worship.

Let’s start.

Have you ever sung along to a song on the radio but never really paid attention to the words? Or you were singing something but thinking about something completely different? I know I have. Many times.

Worship comes from the heart. If we mindlessly sing along, is our heart rejoicing and singing praise? Because if our heart isn’t in it, we’re just going through the motions and God deserves more than that. This isn’t a “fake it till you make it” situation. We’re told to come as we are, and our worship can reflect that. You can worship in your brokenness and doubt. We pour out our feelings when we worship. We pour out our heart.

So, what exactly is worship. I haven’t really covered that yet. When I’m discussing worship here, I’m not talking about a certain time of day or a specific ceremony. I mean the act that is supposed to take place in the service when we sing. The songs themselves are just a vessel for our worship.

I looked up worship in several dictionaries and the words reverence, honor, love, and devotion were recurring. When we worship someone or something, we place them in a position of importance. We make them a priority. The funny thing about worship is that we don’t always realize what we are worshiping.

We can worship our jobs, cars, family, money, or anything else and may not realize it, but our actions show that we love and honor this above all. As I said earlier, worship comes from the heart. Because of this, it seeps into our every activity.

In worshiping God, not only will I sing His praises and pray to Him, but my actions will point to Him. It may not perfectly point to Him at all times, because I am human and deeply flawed, but there will be an overarching pattern of God in everything I do and say. I use my gifts and talents to honor Him.

When I worship I shower adoration and thanksgiving on God. Too often our relationship with God can become a list of wants and needs. God is not a genie, and expressing only wants, that’s not a relationship.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1

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