Peace, Writing, and Schedules

Hello lovelies, it’s been awhile. I know my writing consistency has been subpar, but that is changing. I’ve been coming up with blog post ideas and writing these posts. I want to have a bunch of them complete and ready to post before starting my new posting schedule.

I did, however, find several posts that have been written, but I’m not sure of they were ever posted. If they haven’t, I will post them in the weeks between this post and the start of my new posting schedule.

Now you might be wondering what this schedule is. Well, I can answer that question for you. I have it all written out with brief descriptions or little teasers of what’s to come for those series that are still in the planning process. Start dates are also included.

I have had more time to write and have had more peace in the last week or two than in previous weeks. It seems like the perfect time to make positive change and this is a positive change. Thanks for all your support and patience. You’re the best.

Now the schedule:

Weekly (or bi-weekly, I haven’t decided yet)

  • Mondays starting September 9, 2019: Loving MondaysEverybody hates Mondays, or so they say. So, what about adding some love to it?  Relationship talk to add some love to your Mondays.


  • Wednesdays starting September 11, 2019: Worship on WednesdaysWhat is worship? How do we worship? Find out the answers to those questions and more. And sometimes, we’ll just spend some time worshipping together.


  • 2nd Saturday of the month starting September 14, 2019: Medium-Sized Faith QuestionsThe series that answers your not so big questions on all matters of faith is back.


  • 4th Saturday of the month starting TBD: Faith Talks – The question is Faith. What’s your answer? A new audio and/or video series. Interviews, one-sided discussions, and so much more.


I’ll talk to you lovelies soon. Have a blessed week.

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