Open Doors

I’m at church, waiting for the prayer team meeting to start. Its quiet, except for my music. I know it won’t be long till someone else shows up. Its not often that I’m alone in church.

I remember seeing on tv and in movies people walking into church from the street at random hours of the day and the church being open. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that. Part of it is the culture of today.

But that image symbolizes something. It was always nice seeing that. Seeing the church open to those in need. And that’s what the church needs. It doesn’t have to be a literal open door, but a figurative door.

Are we open to helping others? Are we willing to show love at all times of day? Are we only willing to help when its convenient or at all times of day?

I understand the need to physically lock doors. My church has had a variety of people just wander in, including one person trying to hide a gun. Safety is valuable, but be welcoming. Be helpful. Be an example of Christ on earth.

(* So, this was written over a few weeks. As I finished this, I’m on a train, not in a church. I hope I was able to finish this and convey my meaning well. It’s hard trying to finish a half written post, especially an unplanned one.)

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