I’m Back

Hello Lovelies.

It’s been a while. I know. I’ve had so many thoughts, but haven’t written them down. But I’m changing that. I just wrote a post. I need to go back through and edit it. I also plan to add scripture to it.

I want to learn more about biblical counseling. Previously I was thinking that I want to be a Christian counselor instead of just a counselor who happens to be Christian. And I do, but I want more. I thought that being a Christian counselor meant a counselor who uses scripture and to help with problems and talks about how your relationship with God can help solve life’s problems. All this would be coupled with the things I learned in school. And this is an accurate depiction of what a Christian counselor is, but my
thoughts changed. I think that as a Christian counselor it is easy to use more secular things than biblical truths.

Every conference and training is filled with ideas from the secular world and sprinkled with some thoughts on spirituality. Due to this, a lot of Christian counseling becomes secular counseling with some sprinkles of Gospel and God on top. But it doesn’t really look like biblical truths. We try to bend either the Word of God or the psychological theories to fit our needs. That right there doesn’t sound right.

I want more. I want to make more of a difference and to be true to what I believe. Some of the coming posts will be about that. Others will be about whatever else comes to my mind.

I will try not to leave you as long without a post. I just hate having to sit at my computer and type it out. I hate trying to type it out on my phone or tablet even more. I’m more of a paper and pencil kind of girl. I’ve written posts in a notebook, but I still have to find the time to type it up. I found what might me the perfect solution to this dilemma, but it cost about $400. I know there are a slew of ways that I can write it down on some fancy technology that will turn my writing to text, but this one seemed like it might be something I would use long term.

Not gonna lie, if I had more followers or showed more disciple in my writing, I would probably still have the page up on a browser with the item in my cart, everything filled out except my credit card info. But I don’t even remember what it’s called and I refuse to spend that much at this point in time in my life. Maybe I’ll look at some of the cheaper ways. I just don’t like writing on a tablet, even if I’m using a stylus to write. It just feels wrong.

But enough about that. I will talk to you lovelies in the not too distant future.

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