Medium-Sized Faith Questions: What is a Christian?

Hey, lovelies. I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.

So, faith questions… Medium-sized one…

What and why?

People tend to look at these questions that seem big and overwhelming. Not always, but people wonder about why the world is the way it is. I don’t want to ask those questions. When you look at faith and start asking the big questions you start getting into theology and I am not equipped to do that.

Instead, I want to look at real questions that can be answered by real people. These are important questions. They deserve real answers. So, let’s answer them.

Feel free to provide your own thoughts and facts. I am not a fount of knowledge.  I am a regular person who just likes to write and make the thoughts in my head sound pretty.

So today’s question: What is a Christian?

For years I was told that Christian means “little Christ.” I was looking up the word Christian and when it was first used and came across some stuff. I honestly can’t remember which site I found the following info on, but I will just list all three of these sites. I’m trying to be good and cite my sources.

Anyhoo, the first use of the word Christian is seem in Acts 11:26. It was in Antioch. Some of the sources say that it was used to distingush the followers of Christ from some of the other groups there. It may have been used derogatorily, but it maybe it wasn’t. It’s not really clear.

The word Christian may have meant “belongs to the party of Christ.” Used that way, it comes across as less derogative. On some of the sites I looked at, there was discussion on whether it is appropriate to use the term Christian. I’m not getting into that.

Let’s look at two definitions of Christian on the dictionary app on my phone. The first one is “a person who believes in Jesus Christ.” The second is “a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ.” Looking at these definitions, I think the first one is only partly true. Yes, a person is to believe in Jesus Christ to be a Christian, but it goes beyond that. What are you doing with your belief? Are you living it?

Do you exemplify it in your life? That’s what the second definition says. But I know people who live a life that appears to be following the teaching the Jesus. People who acknowledge Him as a good teacher, but do not believe in Him as anything other.

A Christian is a follower of Christ. They believe in who Jesus is (the Son of God), what He did (died and rose again), and their life shows that they follow God. I’m not saying they are perfect. If you meet someone claiming to be a Christian who says they are perfect, something isn’t right there.

We are human. We fall short of God’s expectation and that is why we need Jesus. I don’t think you can be a Christ and not admit that you need Jesus in your life. When you accept Jesus you are transformed. Your heart is transformed. You have a desire to do what is right. I’m not saying that you won’t do wrong. I know I have. I mean, I just got off the phone with my mom where I called one of my brothers a butt at least 3 times (I love you though) and that isn’t the worst thing I’ve done recently. Now that I think about it, I may have just said that my brother previously acted like a butt instead of that he is one. I think that’s totally appropriate…

But I digress… Christians, we’re flawed creatures. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t need God. We wouldn’t need Jesus. We wouldn’t need to pray.

We Christian believe in the divineness of Jesus Christ. We believe in the teachings of Him. We follow His example. We stumble along at times, but we get back up. We share the Word of God with others.

We are Christians. Christ followers. Disciples. Believers.

What is a Christian to you? Feel free to share in the comments. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of you lovelies have something to say. Your thoughts are important, even if it’s totally random or not quite about the question posed. If you don’t share with me, you can share them with someone else. Just found out that my brother discusses my blog with my mom. You can do that too, with your mom, not mine. Unless you know my mom, them I’m sure she would discuss with you.

Well, this outro is getting too long, so I will chat with y’all next week.

Oops. Forgot the sources.

Sorry, no proper citations here. At least not today.

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