You’re a Good Good Father

Hey Lovelies. So, I’ve been thinking about God and what kind of father He is. And of course my mind works in songs. You’re a Good Good Father came to mind. And I’ll like, ‘yup. But why?’ The answer came in How Deep the Father’s Love. So let’s go through this.

Is God good? That is a loaded question and I am not a theologian. So let’s try not to get too deep.

The short answer, yes. The longer, but still somewhat short, answer follows. This isn’t the only answer, its just the one the songs created in my head.

Too often people look at the God in the old testament and the new testament and believe they are two different Gods. They see the wrath of God on bold display in the old testament and wonder how that reconciles with the image they have of a loving God.

Here’s the thing, God is showing love on both sides. Think about it. God created the heavens and the earth and every living creature in them, including humans (Genesis 1). That makes God our father.

We all know children are not angels. I think I was a pretty good kid, but I definitely got into trouble. We’ve all broken, or bent, a rule once or twice or a few hundred times. And we get disciplined.

I’ve had a few spankings in my childhood. Some you may have as well. Or you went to timeout. Maybe you lost tv, phone, or computer privileges. Or your social life was reined in. There’s a number of ways that our earthly parents might have disciplined us.

The point is, they discipline us and so does God. It’s just on a vastly bigger and different scale. God hasn’t stopped disciplining us. He hasn’t stopped loving us, so why would he stop correcting our behaviors.

So what changed? That’s a good question. I have an answer: Jesus. More specifically, the crucifixion.

I’m reading the book Radical with my community group. In the book David Platt brings up Jesus in th garden praying to God prior to His arrest and the crucifixion. Jesus asks for “the cup” to be taken from Him if possible, but either way let God’s will be done (Matthew 26: 36-46).

What is this cup? It’s full of pain and suffering. Full of sorrow and anger. It’s God’s wrath. I had never thought about that until reading this. (I hope I’m not citing the wrong book. My bed is too comfortable to get up from to check). I knew Jesus died for our sins, but I never thought about God’s wrath. He poured down His wrath on Jesus. The wrath that Jesus didn’t deserve. The wrath that was intended for you, me, and everyone else who has or ever will live.

All this was put on Jesus. Jesus who was blameless. Jesus who was all powerful. Jesus who was and is and is to come. Now why would God do that?

Jesus took all that for us. Because God loves us. His love for us is so strong and so deep. He loves us enough to have Jesus pay the price for our sins.

So, is God good? All the time. And all the time? God is good. Is he a good father? I’d say yes.

But these are just song inspired ramblings of a twenty-something year old, undecisive, somewhat anxious Christ follower. What are your thought? Feel free to share them below.

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