Another Quick Word on Mothers

Mothers. I thought about writing about some of the specific mothers in the Bible. We recognize names like Sarah, Mary, Rachel, Rebekah, and many others. We know some not by name, but are mentioned none the less. Others we don’t think about.

There are so many wonderful women of the Bible that I could write about. But what about the ones not mentioned. The ones who end up as just a footnote in someone’s story. The ones you never hear about, but made their presence known to the people who lived that story.

The work of a mother in not always recognized. Sometimes she seems like the person behind the scenes who makes the story possible. They don’t always get the credit they deserve.

If we look in the Bible, we can see the faith of various women. Believing when things get rough. Not giving up hope when things look bleak. Fighting for what they believe is right.

Mom are amazing, showing God’s love to those around them. God loves unconditionally and we can see that in the love of parents.

I hope all the mom’s had a lovely mother’s day. You are special. Even if your name is not written down in a book known around the world, you have made an impact in the life of those around you. Even if you’re not mentioned by name when that story is told, your mark has been made on the story and no one can take that away.


(That’s all I have for today. It’s a little short, but sometimes that’s what happens. I will have a longer post for you next time.)

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