Prayer for Unity

So I didn’t post for national day of prayer, but I wanted to write a little bit now. The theme for the day was unity, which is something America needs right now, the whole world needs it. So, I just want to take this time to say a prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to pray for unity. This world needs unity. This country needs unity. Our communities need unity.

Help us to not be blinded by our differences. Instead let us see as you do. Let us see the heart of one another. Help us to come together and remember what’s really important.

Help us to connect with one another wherever we might go. Help us to not judge. Your words says that You are our peace who who has united and torn down to the dividing wall of hostility. So I asked for peace, Lord. I ask You to tear down the divisions that we have created.

Help us to love one another. Put people in positions of power who will help you unite us, people will put their trust, their faith in you.

Thank you for the people who believe unity is possible. Not conformity, but interconnection. Stir our hearts to want to come together, respectful of our differences, but not defined solely by them.

In Jesus’ name,


That’s all for today. I just wrote/dictated this quickly on my phone. Not sure if I corrected everything in it. I have some posts planned that require prep and research to write. I plan to do more like that since it helps me grow spiritually and as a person.

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