Extending Myself Grace

Hey, lovelies. I hope one or more of those affirmations is something you can incorporate into your life. If not, come up with your own.

Since this blog is all about extending love and grace, I’m going to be open, honest, and vulnerable with you all. I want to have honest dialogues and share from my experience what I have learned, both personal and professional.
20180114_132326I typically don’t use affirmations. But I love to write, sometimes even on myself. One thing I’ve been doing for years is writing the word ‘Loved’ on my wrist.  It’s rather faint in the picture since I wrote it yesterday. (I’ll post a better picture of it at another time. Debating if I just want to tattoo it on myself since I write it so often.)

It’s not something I do every day, but sometimes you need a reminder. And that’s okay. It’s okay if sometimes you get annoyed at yourself or frustrated. No one is expecting you to be perfect. So don’t expect it of your self.

I am far from perfect. I’m in recovery from a pornography addiction. I’m jealous of my co-worker over her getting words of affirmation from the clients, which I never wanted before. I can’t keep my apartment clean because I get depressed. I’m stuck at a job I dislike because I keep playing it too safe when applying for jobs. I have too much anxiety which dictates too many of my life choices. I’m confused about most things in my life.

I have several other flaws, imperfections, things that make me human. But I’ve extended grace to myself. By that I mean I’ve given myself mercy, compassion, treated myself with leniency. If I didn’t I would be stuck where I am, never being able to move forward.

But with that grace, comes a desire to do more. To be more. To love more. To live more. Just for more overall. And not more in a greedy selfish way, but in a way that is rooted in love and selflessness.

That’s all for this post. Stay tuned for a variety of things. Wednesday posts are probably going to be more geared towards big name topics, I guess you could say. There should be one this Wednesday. About to go write it now.

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