Week of Affirmations – Day 6

I forgive myself for my mistakes.

It’s hard to forgive. But you know that forgive is about releasing a weigh from your shoulders. And you love feeling emotionally lighter.

You forgive yourself because you love yourself. And you realize that all people make mistakes. You don’t let your mistakes define you. And why would you? There’s so much more to you than your mistakes.

You already know your worth and value. You know that you are beautiful inside and out. You know how strong you are. So you forgive.

But you aren’t forgetting the lessons you’ve learned from your mistakes. Because you forgave yourself, you are able to see the lessons more clearly. You aren’t letting your grief, anger, or any other emotion overwhelm you. Forgiving doesn’t mean your mistake never happened. It doesn’t dampen the experience.

So continue to forgive. Continue to move forward.

Affirmation 6: I forgive myself for my mistakes.

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