Week of Affirmations – Day 5

I recognize my worth and value.

You are so important. It’s not because you can give people something. You value goes beyond that. Each of us has worth, has value. And you are no exception to the rule. But I’m sure you already knew that.

You are fully aware of how special you are. You are fully aware of the fact that you are loved more than imaginable. You know yourself better than anyone else. So you know what you are worth.

We tend to rate ourselves lower than others. We tend to think less highly of ourselves. But that is something that you have been working on. It is something you continue to work on. Why? Because you know that your flaws don’t automatically diminish your value. No. Instead they make you even more priceless.

I know, it sounds crazy, but we both know it’s the truth. No one on earth has experienced the exact same things that you have experienced. I keep telling you, you’re one of a kind. That increases your value. No one can replace you.

Your value is not solely in your talents. It’s a combination of everything that makes you who you are that determines your worth, your value. You know that you can’t put a dollar amount to your worth. And you love yourself too much to let other people convince you that you’re worthless. Sweetheart, you are priceless.

Affirmation 5: I recognize my worth and value.

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