Week of Affirmations – Day 4

I am strong and courageous.

Hello lovely. You are so strong. Everyday you continue to move forward. You do not give up. When things get tough, you get tougher. Your strength isn’t based on physical strength (though you might have that). Your strength comes from inside.

Your strength is due in part to you being courageous. You can face the obstacles you’re presented with. You are more capable than you think.

Do not let fear stop you. Do not let uncertainty overwhelm you. But remember that even though you are strong, courageous, and capable, you can not do everything on your own. You are not invincible.

Let people in. Don’t buy into the myth that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. No dear, vulnerability is a sign of strength. Be open and honest, which I know you can do. Find people you can be strong with.

And do not use your strength to harm others. Use it to help. It would be so easy to use the tools and gifts you have to hurt those who have wronged you or those you know. But it takes so much more strength to forgive.

Continue to inspire others with your strength. Continue to take risks when needed.

Affirmation 4: I am strong and courageous.

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