Week of Affirmations – Day 3

I have been given a wealth of talent.

We are all special. We all have gifts. And your gifts are part of what makes you special. It’s easy to overlook our own talents. We sometimes think that the things we do aren’t special or unique. Here’s the thing, your talents don’t have to be one of a kind to make them special.

There are things only you can do. Things that even if someone else has the same talent as you, they could never do it. You are so special. So talented. Your talent extends further than you think.

You are a superhero. Your special ability can save the day or maybe just make someone’s day. Don’t be afraid to share that with the world. Put something positive in the world and see it light up.

Embrace who you are. You are special. You are loved. You are so much more than you think. Embrace it, lovelies.

Affirmation 3: I have been given a wealth of talent.

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