Week of Affirmations – Day 2

I am worthy of love.

Love is so powerful. We all feel the need to be loved. To have people find some value in us. You have value. You deserve all the love you get. You deserve the people who care about you. You deserve it as much as everyone else.

But most importantly, you deserve your own love. It’s okay to love yourself. Allow it. Accept it. Accept all the love you can get. Real, true, authentic love. Not lust. Not misuse. You deserve more than to be walked on or belittled. You deserve more than you probably think.

You need love. And you are loved. I love you. God loves you. It’s not for anything special you’ve done. It’s solely because you’re you. Your actions don’t make you worthy of love. The fact that you are who you are is why you deserve love.

You are not your mistakes. You are not your flaws. You are so much more. You are who you are.

Affirmation 2: I am worthy of love.

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