Grace Filled Love and New Year, Same You

I hope all of you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas.

I know I said no more posts this year, but I unintentionally lied. A day after my last post I had thoughts of what I want to do. I’ll get to my original reason for writing in a minute, but first a name change.

I love the name Unashamed Love. I fell in love with it before I even started this blog. It started as a segment on my first blog. It encapsulates what I want: for people to not be afraid or ashamed of loving. I want people to embrace it and to do it in a healthy way.

I want to incorporate some audio files onto the blog (more on that later), which got me thinking about maybe investing some money into this blog. Initially a media hosting site, but I’m not ready to launch a full on podcast just yet. So I’m upgrading my account. In comes the domain name.

Sadly has been taken. But I can’t be mad. It’s a ministry to help women coming out of sex trafficking. So after lots of thinking, I want this blog to become Grace Filled Love. It will always be UnAshamed Love Blog at heart, but it’s evolving. The name will slowly be changing over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updates. With the change of name some of my writing style and content might change. But in the end it boils down to me still figuring out my voice.

Speaking of voice, the real reason I write to you today. I dislike new year’s resolutions. With an intense passion. Most people don’t keep resolutions beyond January. And why do people feel the need to make changes in January? Just because it’s the start of the new year doesn’t make you magically make changes.

One of my least favorite phrases is “New Year, New You.” It makes me cringe. So I propose, “New Year, Same You.” Instead of writing down resolutions, I challenge you to write down what you love about yourself. Write down what you want to stay the same about yourself. Write down what makes you who you are today. And then share it.

I’m not trying to make some trending hashtag.* Maybe I’ll care about that in the future. I just want our small community to share with others the fact that we love ourselves. That is our focus instead of an endless list of ways to improve. But I’m not saying that I don’t want any of you to make positive changes. What I am saying is to do it out of love.

Resolutions can get to the point where people want to change everything about themselves. That’s not right. You are you. The qualities at your core make you an amazing individual. I don’t know you personally, but I’d like to get to you know you better. And we can make that happen.

I set up a twitter for my blog. I will try to keep it up for longer than a week this time. I will also try to actually use it for something aside from just posting blog posts. (But no guarantees. It might only last a month. I’ve had it a few days and yet to send a tweet.) If you do post something, tag me in it and/or use #NewYearSameYou or #NYSY. You can find me on twitter @GraceLoveBlog or on facebook. I think it’s Unashamed Love Blog on facebook. Also, an audio post about this is coming soon.


*BTW, I dislike hashtags with an intense passion as well. This (#) is not a hashtag. It’s a pound sign, number sign, sharp sign…but not a hashtag. But if I want to be like on of the cool kids on social media I must get over that.


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