Stop Destroying Sex (aka The Post about the Sex Doll)

I recently read an article about a man in the UK who created a robotic sex doll that has a “family” mood. So the doll is considered to be part of the family. It spends time with his young children. If you want to read more about the man and his doll, click here.

This whole thing seems weird to me. The idea of sex dolls seems so odd to me. It’s this life like thing that people use to fulfill their sexual desires. In doing so, that is  distorting the purpose of sex. 

I’m not one of those people who think that sex is solely for the purpose of reproducing. You can enjoy it. But Ido think that sex should mean something. When you’re doing it with a doll, it means nothing. There’s no purpose, other than to satisfiy a horny person who can’t find a real person willing to have sex with them. 

I try not to be judgmental, but I honestly don’t understand using a sex doll. Sex dolls can ruin our ability to actually interact with other people. It can crush the intimacy in your life. It can also reinforce bad habits. The things you can do to a sex doll you can’t do to a real person. Which could lead to a rise in violent sex. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case. I heard that there are dolls that are built to “resist.” The logic is that it’s better if people rape a robot than a real person. It’s not better. It’s just as bad. Someone who constantly has sex with a doll that resists, might develop difficulties getting aroused in situations in which a person isn’t resisting. Which could lead to the person raping a real person. 

What we need to be careful about is that things like this can rewire our brains. It can restructure our pleasure pathways. Each time we do a behavior we reinforce it in our brains. We need to be careful with that. 

We neeed real, true intimacy. Anything less is harming us.  

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