August 2017 Update

Sorry about not posting last week. I meant to, but then I got distracted. I don’t have a topic for today, but wanted to post some thoughts on various things.
Firstly, I want to extend a congratulation to my parents. They just celebrated 38 years of matrimony. I know they’ll never see my blog post, but I want to recognize this. They don’t always agree, but they work things out. I’ve never actually heard them yell at each other. I’ve seen times when they almost did, but it was usually followed by them stopping and taking a breath. “Yes dear” was a common phrase heard, especially when upset. They’re not perfect, but they try.

Secondly, I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog. I know I want to continue writing about intimacy, but I’m not sure how I want to approach the topic. I mean, I know that I plan to focus on writing from a Christian viewpoint because of beliefs. The question is: what do I want this to become? I’ve wanted to start my own counseling practice. What role will this blog play?

In connection with the second point, what do I want to post on here? I’m currently posting random topics and hoping they work. I want this to be more cohesive and coherent. So over the next few days I plan to come up with topics I want to explore on the blog. There is also a possibility that the blog could be renamed or a tag line added.

I want this blog to be something more. I want it to make a difference. I’ll be praying about these changes. I will chat with you lovelies later.

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