Taking July Off

Sorry about not posting last week. Mentally I wrote this out, but I was too tired to open up my computer.

As you may have guessed from the title of the post, I’m taking July off from this blog. I have way too much to do at work since the fiscal year ended with June and coworker is going on vacation and I’m trying to start a new group…I don’t have time to fully think and you guys deserve more than a half-assed post. Maybe it’s more like I can do better than a half-assed post and would rather not put it out.

I really hope to find some time to do some writing for myself, maybe finally write some post and have then prepared for posting. But I promise to be back in August, though maybe not the first Sunday. Aside from work, there seems to be stuff brewing in my personal life as well.

I wish you lovelies a happy and safe July. I’ll talk to you in August.

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