Passion vs Intimacy

One of my favorite topics in the world is intimacy. The last group I had with my guys we talked about intimacy and the different types of it. The week before we talked about the triangular theory of love and the guys realized that there was a difference between passion and intimacy, two legs of that theory.

People tend to think that intimacy is sex. While it does fall under the category of physical intimacy, sex typically involves a level of passion. Passion is the intensity and feeling you get from someone, the arousal factor.

Intimacy is about getting to know each other. Having heart to hearts, sharing hobbies, sharing a life together is intimacy. Intimacy is the basis of friendship. Healthy relationships are built on some level of intimacy. The type and amount of intimacy will vary depending on the relationship.

Types of intimacy include emotional, physical, intellectual, recreational, financial, and spiritual. There are so many ways to share your life. That’s why I love the topic of intimacy so much. It’s so expansive and more than meets the eyes.

I’ll post later about the different types of intimacy. I could talk about this topic all day, but it’s getting late.


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