Unconditional Love

Love. There are different types of love. You love family and friends in different ways. The question I pose to you is, do you put conditions on your love?

Most people do put conditions on our love. We’re only human. It may not be something done intentionally, but we have our limits. The love a parent has for their kid is the closest that we typically get to unconditional love.

Most parents love their children despite their mistakes. The love isn’t based on what their kids do or who they grow up to be. Most people agree that no child should only be loved if they can meet expectation A, B, and C.

How and why do other loves typically have conditions? Not all relationships have conditions. There are many people who are married and take their vows seriously, loving each other without conditions. Why?

Trust is a huge part of being able to love someone unconditionally, at least for us as humans. The guys in my relationship group shared how trust is something that stops them from loving and making a commitment. Being hurt once makes it harder to love freely.

So unconditional love is being able to love freely and openly.

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