Short Break


I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a short break from the writing of this blog. Sometime in January I will be back to writing regularly. At this moment in time, I need to step back and evaluate some things so that I can turn this blog into what I actually want it to be instead of forced writing.

I know that not many people read this blog and that’s fine by me. I want to write things that matter, which means that I need to take the time to focus on some other things so that I can write clearly.

This blog was initially meant to just be a series on my first blog, but I want to make something professional. In doing so, I took away the heart of what I wanted. I never wanted this to be me trying to make something that others would want to read, but that is what I have found myself doing.

I wanted to be able to show this off without fear of people seeing the personal stuff on my first blog. The truth is, some of that personal stuff is what drove me to want to do this. This is supposed to be a journey. How can it be a journey if I’m unwilling to share in detail about it? So I’m changing things.

This is my professional blog, but like the people I admire, I’m going to open up. I want to be able to use my experiences as a reference point. I don’t remember when I first realized that I wanted to work with intimacy disorders. What I do remember is reading No Stones by Marnie Ferree and knowing what I was meant to do. It was no longer just a thought, a possibility, it instead became a passion, a calling.

I want this blog to reflect that. I want this blog to show who I am and who I am becoming. It should be a reflection of that. The plan is that when I start back, I want to alternate between a personal story and a thought out, researched piece. I want to learn the fact, but I also want to learn about myself. I want to see how someone can apply what they learn. There’s nothing like first hand experience, thought I admit, it’s not what I really want.

My first post back will be short introduction. I also plan to make some changes to the home page and about for the blog over the  upcoming month or two. I want to be open and honest with you. I want to talk to others. I have no desire to be alone in my addiction, that’s what causes me to relapse. I also have no desire to let others be alone in it either.

I plan to make this next year a good year. This blog is one of the things I plan to commit to for the new year. Not only in writing it, but in not letting it become a chore. It will forever be a project of passion. If it ever starts to turn into something else, that means that I should step back and look at things again.

Before I go, I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. May it be filled with love a happiness, regardless of how near you are to your loved ones. I hope that in the new year we are all able to reach new goals. I hope that we continue to look forward every step of the way. Be the lovely person I know we are all capable of being.

With Love,


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