Love is the Answer

“I believe love is the answer. I believe love will find a way.” – I believe by Blessid Union of Souls

I am a fan of the sounds I believe by Blessid Union of Souls. I remember hearing it on the radio growing up. It popped back into my life somehow a few years ago. It is a powerful song with a message: love is the answer. The only question now is, what was the question?

If love is the answer, what is the question? There are so many things that love might be an answer. But let’s think about the song. The verses of the song describe hate, discrimination, violence, a lack of compassion. It describes things we see, but wish we didn’t. Things we often turn a blind eye to.

Love is the opposite to all those things. If we open up our hearts to love, we leave little room for hate, violence, discrimination. We leave little space for placing people into boxes based on stereotypes and prejudices. With love, we move forward.

While we know that love is the answer, we must face another question. How do we open up our hearts to love? It’s easy to love those who love us. But do we need to love those we don’t know personally? Do we need to love those who have wronged us? What would that even look like?

There are various types and ways to love. Maybe it starts with showing a little compassion or trying to understand someone who is different from you. Maybe it starts with loving yourself. Maybe define love in your own terms.

Maybe you believe as Blessid Union of Souls believe. That is, love is God. God is the answer. Maybe for you, love means putting faith in something bigger than yourself. I believe that God is love, but I know not everyone believes the same as I do.

Whatever you believe regarding love, know that it is powerful. It can change hearts. And if you haven’t listened to this song before, I recommend you do it now. Below is the music video from the 90s (Warning: it does contain the “N word.” If you wish to hear it without the “N word,” click here).



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