This week marks the start of WRAP Week and NOPORNVEMBER. I’ve only recently heard about these two events. Two different organizations sent me emails over the last few weeks concerning one or the other event. After hearing about them, I wanted to learn more and potentially participate.

WRAP Week: White Ribbon Against Pornography Oct 30-Nov 6, 2016

WRAP Week started in 1987 after a woman Norma Norris herd a sermon regarding pornography and how local law enforcement thought no one in the community cared about the sell of hardcore pornography not the community. Norma wanted to let them know people cared.

The white ribbon was thought of as  sign of deceny. For one week per year, starting the last Sunday in October, white ribbons are worn as a conversation starter regarding the topic of pornography .

If you want more information you can visit: http://www.wrapfamily.com/   or http://endsexualexploitation.org/wrap/#problem These are the site where I got my information.

NOPORNOVEMBER: This is No Porn November.

Fight the New Drug is an organization dedicated to spreading information regarding the armful effects of pornography .  This is an all year discussion across the site, but November is used to forward the movement vendors more. There main point is that porn kills love. They encourage people to fight for love.

If you what more information or to become a fighter you can visit: http://fightthenewdrug.org/

Both of this movements what to educate and spread awareness of the effects that porn has on us. Fight the New Drug has tons of articles about how porn effects the brain, the heart, and the world as well as a blog full of stories. Regardless of your view of pornography, I think they’re worth a read.

I plan to wear my white ribbon all week and start a conversation . I’ve seen how it has hurt people and damaged relationships. I think love is worth the fight.

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