A Blog of Love

Welcome to my blog. Unashamed Love is a passion project of mine. I started this on another blog, but I wanted to have this evolve into something else. My hope is to be a counselor who specializes in intimacy disorder. I will expound on this topic later.

I have struggled with an intimacy disorder. At first I had no clue what an intimacy disorder was, but as I have looked deeper into the topic I realized that I am not alone in this. My primary focus is porn addiction. I have seen so much in terms of resources and assistance for men. While there is some for women, it is limited or primarily directed to spouses of sex addicts. That isn’t right.

During my internship I met a young lady in an addictions group. While everyone else was in recovery from drug and alcohol, she was recovering from a porn addiction. I want someone like her to have place where she can connect with others and  receive assistance. There are support groups, but not much in terms of treatment groups.

This blog is a blog of love. Love will an underlying theme of this blog. Also, this blog is built out of my love, my passion and desire for others. I want to love without fear. I want to not be ashamed of how I love and who I love.

So welcome and enjoy the blog.

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